Who we are:

Kate Schettler Fitness is a virtual & mobile coaching service created to empower, equip & educate clients of all ages. Kate started training clients in 2010 in Nashville.  She went on to start a successful business in 2014 in Atlanta...and in 2018 branched out to the west coast, setting up shop in Los Angeles. Using affirmation and positive motivation, Kate helps her clients develop self-awareness, set personal goals, and effectively achieve those goals over time to maintain lasting results. Through her own experience of losing 20 lbs. in ONE YEAR after moving to Hollywood, Kate has developed a foolproof strategy for effective, lasting weight loss using some "secret weapons" she discovered and applied to her own body, achieving dramatic results. Set up a virtual or in-person session with Kate so she can share her secrets with you and help you work out at the gym, in your home or workplace, or even on the sand. Now it's YOUR turn to see powerful results!




Your Coach: Kate Schettler

"Working out with Kate Schettler has allowed me to achieve personal fitness goals that I have had for many years.  Specifically, Kate has shown me that through hard work, dedication and discipline that I could be much stronger, fitter and more flexible than I thought possible. I have never felt better and I enjoy the compliments that I receive from my family and friends. I have found Kate to be very professional, focused and creative when it comes to creating a personalized fitness program that fits my lifestyle and schedule.  Our sessions are always on time, effective and carefully planned. Kate also makes the sessions a lot of fun!" - Stan Hoptroff, Vice President and Chief Technology Office, NERC Corporation, Atlanta


"I have had the pleasure of working with Kate Schettler for four years.  Her positive attitude and infectious love for health and fitness is reflected in her creative workouts and inspiring yoga sessions.  Kate has helped me achieve my goals of increased endurance and improved muscle tone. Her knowledge of nutrition and her professional guidance of physical as well as spiritual wellness has motivated me to seek a much needed balance in my busy life and I feel very fortunate to have found her!" -Charlotte Herndon Cahoon, Owner and Head Designer, Herndon Interiors, Atlanta


"Having Kate as a personal trainer and nutrition coach has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She gives me the confidence and knowledge I've always been looking for. I think my favorite part about the KSFitness program is that it is targeted to motivate and encourage you to follow your fitness goals. I love that KSFitness is geared toward my needs. It's very inspiring to be surrounded by other healthy, motivated, hardworking clients. Kate Schettler Fitness ROCKS!" - Annie Bany, Pop Music Artist, Nashville


"I have had a great experience working with Kate!  She has empowered me to push myself to the next level of my physical and mental strength.  She is great at adjusting workouts to take into account energy for the day as well to fully maximize each training session.  I have also become more aware of my eating habits and been motivated to change my diet in order to get the most from our workouts.  I have been able to see great results in my strength and endurance since starting my sessions!" - Amanda, CPA, Nashville


"Kate Schettler brings a broad background to enhance her fitness training sessions.  I found it particularly helpful that she could integrate yoga into our time, though I had originally only planned to learn about weight training.  She is enthusiastic, cheerful, funny – lots of fun to work with, but she definitely knows how to make you sweat!" - Cindy Netherton, MD, Nashville